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About Us

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The foundation of Crafts galore was laid in 2010, in Kodangaiyur, Chennai . It is a notable Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Bone Products, Buffalo Horn Products, Horn & Bone Products, Horn Utensils, Resin Jewellery and Wooden Products. Crafts galore dealing into Manufacturing and Export of Buffalo Bone and Horn Handicrafts, Camel Bone Handicrafts, Brass Metal Crafts, Crafts galore reflects the rich cultural heritage of India, we are manufactures & exports an exquisite collection of handcrafted items at most competitive prices. The collection from our company never fail to enchant anybody because of their original, traditional and intricate designs. Our collection has made a mark for itself all across the globe.

Crafts galore is the India's finest handicraft designing firm. We would design your dream handicrafts that would have exclusive features that would attract the right kind of traffic, making it a hub for customers to buy hand crafted materials offered. Skills and creative interests of students, generally and sometimes towards a particular craft or trade ,handicrafts are often integrated into educational systems, both informally and formally. Most crafts require the development of skill and the application of patience, but can be learned by virtually anyone.A walk through the time-honored gallery of Indian handicrafts showcases the cultural brilliance and munificence of the nation. Emblematic of a country that is a melting pot of diverse communities, customs, tribes, traditions, festivals and languages, the lineage of Indian handicraft dates back to antiquity and captures a rich blend of functionality with artistic ingenuity. Infusing prolific designs on timeless substrates like textiles, stone, metal, papier mache, glass, grass, wood, cane, bamboo, clay, terracotta and ceramics, they beautifully articulate the artistic mastery and excellence of Indian craftspersons who have inherited, preserved and honed this ancient skill throughout the ages. Today, globally extolled for their dynamic combination of form, design and color, Indian handicrafts enjoy a large export market.

Who Are We ?

Manufacturer of Horn, Bone, Wood, Brass and Resin Handicrafts Since 2002

Horn Crafts

Horn is, by its nature, a very good material for making things. It is soft enough to be worked easily, while being hard and tough enough to be durable under most circumstances.Horn as a raw material that is available almost everywhere. Craftspersons use the grain of the material and the variations in colour to great advantage..

Bone Crafts

Bone has been used by human beings from the very beginning. Probably the bones left after decay of the animals was discovered by man. He might have used it as a weapon for hunting and defending himself. Subsequently it was put to various uses by carvers when not only utility but decorative objects of art were made. Captive jewellery beads, combs etc are made from bones.

Wooden Crafts

Commonly used wood for carving includes chestnut, walnut, mahogany and teak. Hardwoods have a longer life and lust. Softer wood is easier to carve. Natural oils of walnut and linseed are used to polish the complete pieces to protect them from lust and moisture.

Brass Crafts

Brass Metal products are famous for their beauty and strength of form and utility. Most extensive usage is the form of jewellery Brass are used by the process of casting or molding. Sheets and wires of brass can easily be drawn due to the malleable and ductile quality and finds high application in the art and crafts.